Pure Literacy

Welcome! I'm so glad you found your way to Pure Literacy which is a collection of conversations about literacy and learning. I believe that learning is a lifelong journey. My life path has always been in pursuit of learning, growing and sharing.

Let me introduce myself... I am an educator, author, literacy coach, Common Core coach, literacy consultant, staff developer, wife and mother. I teach, coach, write and live on the beautiful California Central Coast.

During my years as an educator, it has been my privilege to teach every grade K - 6 and Reading Recovery. I've trained with staff developers at Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and have used the Writing Workshop Model extensively at all grade levels. Teaching children to write is a passion of mine. I am constantly reading about the art of teaching writing. Some of my favorite authors and mentors are Lucy Calkins, Ralph Fletcher, Katie Wood Ray, Carl Anderson, Chris Lehman, Kate Roberts, Marie Clay, Linda Dorn, Fountas and Pinnell, Debbie Miller, and Jennifer Serravallo.  These master educators have significantly influenced my thinking, teaching and coaching . I am a better teacher and coach because of them. Through this website, I invite you to join me in exploring ways to promote literacy instruction that moves our readers and writers forward in their journey of life-long learning and joy.

As a literacy coach and consultant, I've had the unique opportunity of coaching and teaching in a variety of elementary schools and classrooms as well as training pre-service, newly hired and veteran teachers in the Common Core. I love helping teachers gain understanding about what is best practice in literacy and can't wait to share more through this website.

Across my career as an educator, my passionate pursuit of literacy and learning gave me a healthy dose of courage and skills that have led me through a variety of rich and wonderful experiences including classroom teaching, instructional coaching, Common Core coaching, research, writing, publishing, teacher training and starting my own business.

Whether you need a guide that leads you through exploring best practice strategies or a menu of ideas that enhance your current teaching, I am delighted you are joining me in conversations about literacy and learning. If you wish to take the conversation further or have questions regarding my staff development and consultation services, products or custom creating a product for your class please visit my contact page for more information.

Hope to talk to you soon!