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New Directions!

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I am so excited to make my first blog post on my brand new Pure Literacy website!

Behind the scenes

Some time ago I decided to take the leap from blogging to starting a website where I could grow Pure Literacy in inspiring new directions. So for the past several months between staff development, consultations and product development I've been hard at work brainstorming and inching my way forward to bring this website to life.

I am thrilled to announce the day is finally here and the website is officially live!!!

There's so much in store for the Pure Literacy community...

Weekly Teacher Tips

Weekly content discussing literacy best practices aimed at empowering teachers.  

Teacher Tips!

Ask Anything forum

Write in any and all questions (especially all those literacy ones) to be answered during the weekly teacher tips!

My TpT Products and New TpT Product Releases

Be the first to hear about new TpT product releases and sales!

Professional Development Updates

Insight and updates throughout my professional development series for the year.

Shared Resources

A new Pure Literacy Pinterest account full of fantastic resources!

Also, check out the new Pure Literacy Instagram along with the current Pure Literacy Facebook page to stay connected.

Now last but not least I want to take a moment to say a special thank you to the people who helped make this transition for Pure Literacy possible!

Bree McCool Photography provided the amazing photos you see across Pure Literacy. Bree is a gem to work with and incredibly talented in her craft. I highly recommend getting in touch with her for any photography needs.  You'll be seeing more of Bree's work featured on my site as we continue to collaborate on Pure Literacy in the coming months.

Saturday Morning Studio (an online art gallery and design business run by my wonderfully creative daughter Sara) created and implemented the beautiful website design for Pure Literacy. Sara made learning this new platform a breeze and transformed my ideas for this site into exactly what I envisioned and MORE! If you're looking to make the leap from blog to website, I highly recommend Sara's services.

For a limited time, and available only to my Pure Literacy community, Sara is offering $500 off her website design services as she kicks off 2016 and her new design business. Contact Sara today for booking information and use "Pure Literacy Offer" in the subject to redeem the $500 discount!

So enjoy exploring the website, fill out the ask anything form, leave comments below, roam pinterest and just have fun with it all!

I am ecstatic to start this New Year off with a fresh look and new direction for Pure Literacy. I can't wait to continue the conversation about literacy with you!

Cheers to 2016!!!