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Top Summer Good Reads and Resources For Kids!

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As many of you know, I just LOVE children’s picture books. I think my love affair started when I was sixteen and had my first summer job working in a public library as an assistant to the children’s librarian. Talk about a dream job! Everyday I got lost in and amongst the stacks of books and literally spent hours exploring and expanding my reading territory. I connected with characters, shared in their adventures and fell in love with picture books. 


And that love affair continues on today, there’s nothing I love more than diving into a great picture book. I think picture books are every bit as enriching to us adults as they are to our kiddos. It was through picture books that I learned to read as a writer. 

In my years as district literacy coach, one of my most treasured times were the days I spent reviewing all the new picture books with our district librarian. We’d spend hours together exploring new and classic children’s literature to determine which would make our list of grade level recommended mentor texts. Over the years, I came to rely on her expertise and wealth of experience. Many of her suggestions came directly from this great resource I am sharing with you today. 

My librarian friend subscribes to the American Library Association’s publications as an ALA member. Thanks to The Horn Book, you don’t have to do that... you can subscribe to their print or online publications, such as The Horn Book Magazine, or you can read many recommendations and reviews at their free website

I know we’ve been talking about catching up on some reading this summer, and I just couldn’t let one more day of summer pass us by without sharing this great find. Now, a great example is their 2016 Summer Reading List. It’s divided by level from Picture Books to High School. And if for you tech savvy teachers, check out the video version of the children’s books awards online here!

I just love amazing resources especially when they’re free, and I’ll bet you do too! I hope you check out this resource and add some of these titles to your summer reading list for possible additions to your classroom and school libraries in the fall.

So I’m itching to know what’s your favorite children’s picture book and how you use it in your workshop instruction? If you have one you think I should check out please leave title and author’s name in the comment section, and I’ll be sure to put it on my summer reading list.

Happy Reading!


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For those of you who are taking part in my Pure Literacy Summer Reading Professional Book Challenge and are reading DIY Literacy Teaching Tools for Differentiation, Rigor and Independence by Kate and Maggie Roberts. We’ll be talking about the book next week. Would love to hear from you and your thoughts about it so far.